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How can students postpone their studies and what is the maximum period of postponement allowed?

- Students may submit a request to postpone their studies before the start of the semester they wishe to postpone, they can do using a form prepared for that by the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

-Is it permissible for students who have completed the graduation requirements and want to raise their GPA to study courses to raise their GPA?

- Students who have completed the requirements for obtaining a bachelor's degree may study one or more semesters to raise his GPA provided that the graduation is not approved by the Deans' Council,

-If a student re-studies a course in which they already passed and failed in it after repeating, which of the two marks are counted?

- The highest score is calculated.

Is it permissible for a student to study one or more subjects at another university?

Zarqa University students are allowed to study no more than (36) credit hours in a recognized university, and these hours are calculated according to the following conditions:
-The student must be regular in his/her studies at Zarqa University and registered there.
- The student must have successfully completed studying at least 24 credit hours at Zarqa University.
The student must have obtained his/her department's approval to study the required subjects.
The final grade in each of these materials should not be less than 60%.
The final grades are not calculated in the student's GPA
The last two semesters of the student should be at Zarqa University

What are the minimum and maximum numbers for the courses registered?

The minimum number of credit hours that a student studies shall be (12) credit hours per semester, and with the approval of the Dean it is permissible to study (9) credit hours, except for the student whose graduation is at the end of that semester.
The academic weight for the student at the university is (18) hours, which is counted in the first and second semesters as a maximum, and the student may register (3) additional hours if his/her average in the previous semester (except for the summer semester) is not less than (80%) or if these hours are necessary To graduate.
In the summer semester, the academic weight for the student is (12) hours as a maximum for the purposes of graduation.

What are the requirements to transfer to Zarqa University?

Students are allowed to transfer to Zarqa University if there are vacancies for them according to the following conditions:
- The student must transfer from a university, college or university institute accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.
-To complete successfully at Zarqa University at least half of the credit hours required for graduation according to the plan approved when the student is accepted.
-In order to accept the transfer student, his/her previous studies must be in regular enrolment.

How can a student change his/her major within the university and what is the date of the transfer?

-The transfer date is after the marks are announced in each semester
-The high school GPA allows the student to study the major he/she wishs to transfer.

Can the placement test re-taken?

The placement test may be repeated after applying for it.

How can a student obtain a status letter/ proof of study?

A proof of study / status letter can be obtained through the Deanship of Admission and Registration, or by sending a request to the registration e-mail in case there is a difficulty attending the university (provided that subjects are registered in the same semester when the document is requested.

What is the university calendar?

A university calendar indicates the dates of the academic activities at the university (semesters beginning and end, registration periods, and final exam dates) – to access the university calendar, click here.

What is the study plan?

The subjects that the student must study to complete the requirements for obtaining a university degree.

When should I apply to the placement test?

All registered students are required to sit for the exam in Arabic, English and computer, during the first semester of enrolment.

What happens if I fail one or all of the placement tests?

A student who fails to pass any of these exams must register a remedial course for the exam he/she fails in any of the semesters.

What is a pre-requisite?

It is the subject that students are required to pass before studying a specific subject.

What happens when students miss the final exam?

Anyone who is absent with an excuse for an announced exam, must submit a proof of his excuse to the course teacher within three days from the date on which the excuse is removed, and in the event that this excuse is accepted, the subject teacher must conduct an exam for the student.
-The result for an authorized absence/ absence without an excuse for final exams is zero.
Anyone who is absent from a declared final exam with an excuse accepted by the Dean of the student faculty, the dean must inform the course teacher, and the Dean of Admission and Registration of his decision.
The phrase (incomplete) is recorded for the subject in which the student misses the final exam with an acceptable excuse
The subject teacher conducts a make-up examination for the student within a maximum period of time at the end of the next semester of the semester in which he missed the exam.

Is the summer semester compulsory?

The summer semester is an optional one for all students.

How is the equivalency for the courses that the student has studied in other universities or colleges calculated?

Taking into consideration the study plan of the major transferred to, no more than (50%) of the total credit hours can be equalized, with the exception of pharmacy major where only (25%) of credit hours can be equalized .Students can submit a request according to the form prepared for this purpose in accordance with the following principles and procedures
. That the equivalent courses score is not less than (50%)
. For the purposes of calculating the maximum allowable equivalence for the student, the level courses are not included.
. To submit the equivalency request during the first semester of the transfer.

Can I re-study any subject that I have passed?

The student has the right to re-study any course in which he passes, provided that his/ her grade was less than (60%).

What are the majors available at the university?
Bachelor's degree
-Jurisprudence and its fundamentals
-Religion basics
-Arabic Language
-English Language and literature
-Software Engineering
-Computer science
-Internet technology
-Computer information systems
-Artificial intelligence
-Business Management
-Banking and Finance
-Accounting Information Systems
-Management information systems
-Islamic banking
-Libraries Science
-Early childhood
-Medical Sciences
-Applied Hearing and speech
-Civil engineering
-Electrical engineering
-Mechanical engineering
-Architecture engineering
-Energy engineering
-Graphic design
-Interior Design
-Press and media
-Radio and television
Master's degree
-English Language Literature / Linguistics - Accounting - Marketing - Maths - Computer science - Business Management - Software Engineering -Intellectual property and innovation management -Islamic banking -Nursing Administration -Pharmaceutical Sciences
What is the discount for sport excellence?

A discount of (65%) for fifteen students who have excelled in sports, who are selected according to principles established by the Council of Deans. This discount is granted upon the recommendation of the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university, and the following are observed:
1. The student's average in the General Secondary examination.
2. The university's need for the game in which he/she excels.
3. The student's mastery of the game and passing the level test conducted by the university, provided that he/she is a member or a player in the national teams, first-class clubs, or the teams of education directorates in the same year in which he/she registers at the university.