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Mechanism to admit students

Admission procedures

  1. Receive the students and give them the brochure of the specialties offered at the university.
  2. Admit students on the basis of the instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and fill in forms of admission.
  3. Arrange documents and forms as follows:
    • Forms filled in the right way (Information card, financial commitment, opponent pledge) and attach a copy of the identification card and birth certificate.
    • A list of the grades of high school or a certified copy of it, in the case of secondary foreign (non-Arab) equivalent, then an equalizing is required from the Ministry of Education in Jordan.
    • Open the file for the student and the university gives him a student number, which is found on the students' book, and determines the type of study, either morning or evening.
  4. The process of data entry is applied through a rapid admittance screen by the student, taking into account the following:
    • The data entry includes the student's name, an average in high school, and the specialization that the student registered.
    • Enter the name of the student as it is in the list of grades of the high school certificate because it is the document recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
    • Enter data relating to the average of the student and his branch in high school, and in case of bridging students, they must enter their average, major in the institution, and determine the nature of bridging (counter or non-counter), but in case of a transferring student from another university to our university, he must enter the name of the university he is transferring from or the university where he received the bachelor degree if he wants to study for another bachelor degree.
  5. Data entry of the student on the regular admission system, which includes:
    • Enter all the data related to the student (secondary school certificate, province, identification card number, national number, date of birth, place of birth, and telephone numbers of the student, his guardian, and the names of three referees).
  6. The student is sent to financial department to pay part of the fees required on the financial form for the student.

And the resulting measures from the application on the computer is the following things:

  • Upon his return, the new student registers for the courses through the screen (registering, withdrawal / add, and the course schedule for students), and then the student is directed to take the level examinations for the following materials (Arabic, English, and computer skills) by the dates at hand, which would be shown in his study course which he gets from an Admission employee.
  • Students who are transferring, bridging, or obtaining a second bachelor degree, are directed to their faculties to take the approval of the request of the transfer or bridging and then the head of the department determines the subjects that can be registered by the student and what are the materials that can be equalized for the student, after which it is the process of registering subjects for the student according to the directions of his academic advisor in the course registration form.
  • In the end, we ask the student to go to the Deanship of Student Affairs to get the identity of the university.
  • A committee of the Department of Admissions coordinates with a committee of the Higher Education and Scientific Research for checking on the students' files (freshmen, abridgers, and transferred) who are admitted.