President’s Office

It was established in 1994 and is related to university president as it carries out the orders of the president and the vice-president. President’s Office does the following tasks:

- Preparing, sending, drafting, printing, and photocopying official communications according to president and vice-president orders.

- Receiving university’s mail communications, distributing them on faculties, administrative, units and centres as well as president’s communications inside and outside university.

- Dealing with official communications sent by president to different parties inside and outside university.

- Recording the proceedings of university council meetings and executing decisions in cooperation with council secretary.

- Sending and receiving daily faxes from and to different faculties, units and centres.

- Training employees in the fields of secretary, office and computerized office.

- Entering data concerning inbox, outbox and archive through a computerized office.

- managing all university’s offices and the use of computerized offices.

- supervising typing tests for vacancy applicants.

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