The Medical Center

The university provided a medical cadre of three doctors and four nurses to work in two shifts, morning and evening, and it includes an emergency room with four beds, where all the needed medical appliances for emergencies are provided, as it receives students and staff-members, and there is also a pharmacy and an ambulance for emergencies.

The Dental Clinic

The University provides dental care services to its students through a specialized clinic inside the university and specialized medical staff members. It consists of two dentists (a female and a male) working inside the university.

Health Insurance Unit

The department includes the Health Insurance Unit, which supervises the health insurance for employees and students at the University, as the university offers special distinguished insurance system as part of the medical care system provided for the students among the best accredited hospitals and doctors in the kingdom, as well as follow-up on admissions to hospitals, financial coverage, financial claims, and solving different insurance problems for students and staff.

The duties of the department are to:
  1. Supervise the treatment of students and staff.
  2. Treat the emergency cases and refer some case to specialist doctors or hospitals.
  3. Contribute to promote awareness among students and staff through medical lectures and symposiums.
  4. Organize blood donation campaigns and free medical days annually at the governorate in collaboration with hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies.
  5. Follow the issues of health insurance, claims, coverage and entry into hospitals, as well as solving the various insurance problems for students and staff.
  6. Hold free medical days in different district at Zarqa governorate, and provide examination and treatment for citizen.
  7. Examine the fitness of new staff by a specialized medical committee.
  8. Supervise the food and drinks provided for student and staff and make sure they comply with the health conditions.
  9. Improve the skills for the medical and technical staff through specialize courses.
  10. Provide dental treatments through a dental clinic at the university for students and staff.

Objectives of the Department
  1. To provide medical treatment services for students and employees with a high level of efficiency and protection.
  2. To contribute to promoting health awareness for students and employee.
  3. To cooperate with local community and provide free medical services.
  4. To develop the skills of the medical staff.

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