Department of Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Department was established in 1994. It consists of the following units: Administrative Staff Members Unit, the Teaching Staff Members Unit, the National Insurance unit, and Teaching Staff Members & Sponsorship Unit.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Providing administrative services that contribute to distinction in education, scientific research and community services


Providing supportive administrative services that help the university in the delivery of its distinguished educational services that are based on scientific research to achieve the oltimate goal of graduating qualified workforce that is capable of proper community service and development

Core Values
  1. Quality in the provided services
  2. Teamwork
  3. Transparcy
General Objectives:
  1. Seeking to achieve equality and transparency in all decisions and transactions in the unit.
  2. Developing the administrative level of the unit to ensure its ability to cope with future needs
  3. Automating Unit’s systems
  4. Participating in providing the university’s requirements for accreditation
  5. Seeking to recruit highly disguised and qualified academic staff

Teaching Staff Members & Sponsorship Unit:


  1. Receiving recruitment applications forms and entering their data on computers for further follow up.
  2. Filling teaching staff member’s information in accordance with recommendations of the accreditation committees.
  3. Preparing reports of teaching staff members and sending them to the concerned units.
  4. Monitoring teaching staff member’s issues such as their increments, promotion and certificates.
  5. Monitoring sponsored students’ performance in their postgraduate studies inside and outside Jordan.

National Insurance Unit:


  1. Receiving, classifying and entering recruitment application forms on the university system
  2. Preparing employees’ daily attendance report
  3. Preparing employees’ certificates of experience
  4. Monitoring employees’ issues that are related to national insurance

HR Secretarial Office:

  1. Archiving the HR mails and sending the mail to the relevant departments.
  2. Preparing HR’s correspondences
  3. Preparing the department’s meeting minutes

Responsibilities & Duties:

  1. Preparing an annual plan to estimate the university’s need of the working force.
  2. Receiving application forms for the purposes of recruitment and sending these forms to the different units for further consideration.
  3. Monitoring and auditing work contracts and National Insurance deductions
  4. Executing the recommendations made by the recruitment and promotion committee
  5. Participating in the work of university’s accreditation committees
  6. Issuing employees ID cards.
  7. Monitoring employee’s annual contracts.
  8. Arranging the correspondences made by HR.
  9. Issuing employees ID cards.
  10. Monitoring employee’s annual contracts.
  11. Arranging the correspondences made by HR.
  12. members Contributing to spreading out positivity on campus among all university employees Electronic forms

Contact Us

+ 962-5-3821100

The Secretary Office (1171)

Teaching Staff members & sponsoring unit (1172)

Administrative Staff members &National Insurance Unit (1173)


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