Public Relations


This department does the following tasks:

- Preparing and sending telegraphs, invitation cards on different national, religious and urgent occasions.

- Ascertaining bills of hotels, restaurants as well as checking hotel bookings, service quality and prices.

- Preparing manifests listing parties and individuals to be honoured and granted crests and gifts by the university.

- Supervising guest entertainment presented to university’s visitors on various occasions.

- Receiving delegations and guests as well as preparing visiting programs for university alongside its guests.

- Supervising the process of organizing festivals and public activities as well as sending invitations to certain parties in cooperation with faculties, centres and administrative units.

- Providing visitor delegations, from outside Jordan, with necessary entry visas and travel tickets as well as providing documents for university’s employees, and academic staff members who shall be sent abroad to pursue their higher studies.

- Arranging university’s participation in educational exhibitions held inside and outside the kingdom.

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