Media Department


This department hires an administrative employee and a graphic designer who do the following tasks:

- Providing mass media (printed or visual) with daily university news, meetings and conferences held by university.

- Tracing all posts and news concerning university whether in daily and weekly newspapers or local and international mass media (printed or electronic), submitting a copy of them to university president and storing these copies in a special archive designed to this end.

- Preparing and arranging television and press meetings with high rank officials at university.

- Checking the process of issuing "university news" periodical.

- Subscribing to newspapers and distributing them on university units according to a list made to this end.

- Preparing e-journalistic reports about news of Zarqa University and other universities, matters relevant to education sector, decisions, statements rendered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

- Checking advertisements by university declared in daily newspapers and visual mass media.

A graphic designer does the following tasks:

- Designing different university publications and publishing them in daily and weekly newspapers.

- Controlling the process of work in printeries from an artistic side.

- Gathering all materials of the yearly books to be sent to printery.

- Designing logos relevant to certain events.

- Archiving commercial substances, such as brochures and advertisements in a special archive made to this end.

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