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Zarqa University’s Decisions on the Faculty and Administrative Staff Attendance
Date 16-03-2020

 جامعة الزرقاء - قرارات جامعة الزرقاء حول دوام أعضاء الهيئتين التدريسية والإدارية

In line with the procedures agreed upon by the presidents of public universities in their emergency meeting with the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Monday 16 March 2020, I have decided the following:




The working hours for all university employees shall be from 8 am to 3 pm.

With regard to faculty members, the president of the university, vice-presidents, faculty deans, department heads, and directors of the various scientific and research centers of the faculty will attend daily.  The rest of the faculty shall distance work including uploading their lessons and lectures to educational platforms their contact details shall be made available to the university. .

The working hours and attendance of the members of the administrative body shall continue to be flexible and from distance. The attendance shall be alternate so that the work be accomplished as planned, excluding pregnant female employees and mothers of under- 12- year children.





With regard to the continuation of the educational process at the university, I decided the following:


The university applies the e-learning system, distance learning by the use of the Moodle system the training of all faculty members on the use of electronic means shall be completed as quickly as possible to ensure the efficiency and readiness of the technological structure.

The processing of the electronic content necessary for all study courses in a manner consistent with the criteria for implementing the e-learning and distance learning system shall be completed too.


Give priority in preparing and downloading academic course electronically for the subjects of students expected to graduate at the end of the current semester Next Sunday corresponding to 3/22/2020 shall be a deadline to start teaching these courses provided that the other courses are gradually included At each stage of work, an assessment shall be conducted so as to learn lessons and improve the process.


With regard to students of the Faculties of Engineering, Architecture, and Arts, a committee will be formed to set up a mechanism for the graduates' students to continue their graduation projects.


Instructions shall be issued regarding the holding of exams in accordance with the development of health situation.


Regarding the viva of postgraduate students’, the formal procedure shall continue, provided that the student is present only with the examining committee, and if this is not possible the viva shall be done via remote communication (SKYPE.


With regard to international students studying at the university who wish to remain in Jordan shall be under the same procedures applied to Jordanian students Those who wish to leave the Kingdom, the university will take the appropriate decision with the possibility of considering their exams incomplete in this term.


Students are allowed to enter the university only in special and specific cases such as: consulting health centers inside the university, or submitting documents and guarantees.


May God protect Jordan and its people


These procedures will be effective as on Tuesday morning, March 16, 2020


The President of the University Professor Jihad Hamdan

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