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ZU Honours Top Students
Date 14-01-2020

 جامعة الزرقاء - جامعة الزرقاء تكرم طلبتها المتفوقين

ZU Acting President Prof. Dr.  Nader Abu Sheikha patronized the honouring ceremony for ZU’s top 86 students attended by the deans of the faculties and the parents of the students.

In his speech, Prof. Dr.  Nader Abu Sheikha congratulated top students. He remarked that, since its foundation, ZU has been keen on providing excellent academic staff, latest scientific developments and best methods of teaching and training to advance the students’ level. ZU has become a beacon of knowledge among Jordanian universities, bearing in mind that it is knowledge which serves the society’s progress.

He expressed gratitude to the Head of the Board of Trustees of Zarqa Company for Education and Investment (owner of ZU as well as Zarqa University Schools and KGs) Dr Mahmoud Abu Shaera' and other administrative councils for their persistent support and effort to make possible all that needed by the students and ZU. He also voiced appreciation for the staff members for encouraging the students to excel and improving ZU’s educational level, calling the young men and women for further effort to achieve distinction.

The Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Majed Al-Masadeh said that "this celebration is an appreciation of the University for the efforts and perseverance made by students during their years of study," stressing the University's keenness to support and nurture outstanding students.

At the end of the event organized by the Deanship of Students’ Affairs and attended by deans and students’ parents, Prof. Dr.  Nader Abu Sheikha presented the certificates and shields to the students.