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"Professional Tracks for the Engineer in the Labor Market" Workshop at Zarqa University
Date 18-07-2019

 جامعة الزرقاء - جامعة الزرقاء تقيم ورشة عمل بعنوان "المسارات المهنية للمهندس في سوق العمل"

In cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering and Technology Of Zarqa University, Al-Ruwad Consulting and Training Academy held a workshop entitled "Professional Tracks for the Engineer in the Labor Market".It was attended by Dr. Ayman Al-Amer, Head of Energy Engineering Department, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Batayneh, Head of the Engineering Training Department at the Academy, and a number of the administrative and teaching staff of the University, as well as a large number of university students.

The workshop was one  of a series of workshops and held in cooperation between  according to a previously- signed agreement between the university and Alruwad Academy.. The workshop included a set of topics  directed to the students on to deal with the labor market after graduation. One of them was to acquaint the students about the agreement  Professor Ayman al-Lahham, Director of Public Relations at the Academy, from the university to the labor market, where he spoke about the student's course at the Faculty of Engineering from the first year to the fifth year and about the challenges he faces throughout the journey to obtain the certificate These challenges must be addressed in order to ensure that the students are ready to deal with the labor market. .

Mr. Rahahaleh concluded the workshop by addressing the students and talked about the importance of these courses, which will enhance the outputs of their university education . He noted at the same time the University's constant efforts to ensure the highest levels of education , that should have  positive consequences as soon as they enter the labor market.