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Erasmus project Establishes "RSOS" Student Support Unit at Zarqa University
Date 11-07-2019

 جامعة الزرقاء - مشروع ايراسموس ينشئ وحده دعم طلاب RSOS في جامعه الزرقاء

 Erasmus project has established a student support unit "RSOS" at Zarqa University. The unit provides academic support services and life skills for the labor market for refugee and local students. The unit program includes more than 20 training courses for students in cooperation with participating European universities. The project involves a group of European universities with expertise in the development of specialized services to support and integrate students from conflict countries in the academic process and to meet the educational needs.

Zarqa University participates in the Rescue project supported by the European Union (Erasmus) to prepare a specialized program to train the staff of the Student Support Units (RSOS) to provide diverse and specialized services.

The project trained more than 50 administrative staff from Arab universities by trainers from European universities, and 8 RSOS units were established working in universities from Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. More than 250 hours of training were given to employees in student support units in various subjects to facilitate integration with Academic process and development skills of the labor market crisis.

In light of the continuing crisis, participating Arab universities, including Zarqa University, support the continuity of the units to help students after the project is finished. RSOS unit at Zarqa University has held more than twenty workshops in various topics and has provided services to more than 150 students since the opening of the unit in March 2019. Project Coordinator Dr. Marco Dinato said that it was clear from the third Brussels conference about supporting the future of Syria and the region (March 12-14, 2019),  and that the Syrian crisis is far from being resolved,  illustrating the importance of these efforts to pursue a bachelor's degree for youth.

"He also pointed out that he challenge we face is that we can't lose an entire generation and exclude them from developing their future because this will lead them to dangerous paths,  this challenge requires cooperation with stakeholders, the local partners and international community, that's what the RESCUE project is trying to do. It was  guidance philosophy UNIMED, so that we invite our partners to cooperate with student support units and urge them to cooperate with these local offices, continue to cooperate on new projects serving host and host communities, and sign sustainable cooperation agreements.