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Ramadan at Zarqa University between Legislation and Traditions
Date 23-05-2019

 جامعة الزرقاء - رمضان في جامعة الزرقاء بين الشريعة والعادات

Arab and Islamic worlds received Ramadan in the beginning of May where good come in abundant and worship increased. And all the concerned (Muslims) starts increasing activates to prepare themselves, mosques and charities societies with all requirements that would serve the people who need help.


The role of the Faculty of Shari'a at Zarqa University in Ramadan comes in orientation of the university which calls to conducting lectures, seminars, and different voluntary activities to increase students' awareness of the importance of the Holy Month, and how to receive it in happiness, where spiritual emotions and with holy atmosphere. In this month where the Holy Quran was reveled and the Night of Decree which is better than a thousand months. This made us go to Anas Al-Khalailah, the Dean of the Faculty of Shari'a, to tell us about this Holy Month, and the role of scholars and teachers of Shari'a to aware students how to seize this Holy Month.


 Anas Al-Khalailah, the Dean of the Fauclty of Shari'a, said that Ramadan is an opportunity for a great rapprochement between university students and faculty staff, especially teachers of the Faculty of Shari'a, where faculty opens its doors and teachers' offices to answer the questions and queries of students and employees of the university concerning fasting, Zakat and worship. The statement of what they need from the provisions of legitimacy and fatwa’s according to what is adopted by the General Iftaa' Department in the Kingdom.

He said that the month of Ramadan is an opportunity to reconcile with the self and strengthen family relations through visiting relatives that is increasing in Ramadan, in addition to the virtue of fasting, which is based on feeling with the poor and the needy, and this is achieved by abstaining from food and drink from dawn until sunset.


The University of Zarqa, under the generous guidance of Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaera, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Zarqa Company for Education and Investment, to organizing lectures, seminars and help to the local community and students, which perform the mission of the university, and achieving compassion and cooperation in this Holy Month.

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