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“Arab Gallery… Readings in Jurisprudence” Language Course at Zarqa University
Date 23-05-2019

 جامعة الزرقاء - "رواق العربية... قراءات في فقه اللغة" دورة لغوية بجامعة الزرقاء

The Deanship of Students’ Affairs at Zarqa University in cooperation with The Faculty of Arts organized a language course entitled “Arab Gallery… Readings in Jurisprudence” presented by Dr. Omar Al-Qiam, the Professor of Jurisprudence and Quraanic studies in the Department of Arabic Language. The course aims to perfect students’ skills in Jurisprudence and knowing the secrets behind the structure of Quran. A number of students from different faculties attended the workshop.

Dr. Al-Qiam explained that this course  is about the scientific workshops seeks  to renew the sense of language,  tasting  its hidden secrets in its rich texts, he indicated  that the nation`s language  presents its personality, and thinking of an attempt to reach the sound of its surroundings, and its charms, confirmed to the need to pay attention to the pre Islamic Period literature which presents its mainstay and inwardness,  and the importance of the explanations of the old scholiasts that are organized by Arab Masters, which is one of the best of Arab`s speech.    

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