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Zarqa University Participate in Event of Exchange and Academic Mobility
Date 20-05-2019

 جامعة الزرقاء - جامعة الزرقاء تشارك في فعاليات التبادل والحراك الأكاديمي


Zarqa Unversity participated in Activities of Exchange and Academic Mobility known as Teaching Mobility for Academic Staff, which was by the participant of Dr. Tariq Al-Hasan, Head of the Electric Engineering Faculty at Zarqa University, in the Academic visit to Pedagogical University of Krakow in Poland, between 13-17 May 2019. The event comes in the Erasmus+ program, which is funded by the European Union.


Dr. Tariq clarify that through the visit they met Dr. Cristov Marojka the Head of the Institute of Technology and Science, and some students and staff of the Institute, he also referred that the event aims to increase the opportunities to know universities programs on the international level, in addition to hire academics, and students with new experiences and abilities that contribute to raise of efficiency and education outputs. Also the visit aims to build communication bridges and the knowledge between different parties to increase the cooperation opportunities in the scientific research filed and to develop academic programs.


Dr. Hassan said: the event witnessed many activities such as, introductory lectures about Zarqa University, Faulty of Engineering Technology, departments and academic programs at the faculty, and presenting the most important laboratories and the possibilities in the faculty, in addition to a brief about Energy Research Center. The event also include a visit to some of the facilities, labs, and sections of PUK


During the visit Dr. Al- Hassan presented specialized lectures for staff and students of the Institute of Technology and Science at the university as part of the academic exchange program on several topics that lasted over the past four days, the most important of which “PV System Sizing” including case study about the Solar Energy Project at Zarqa University, in addition to lectures about Power Electronics and Inverters for PV Solar System.

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