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Zarqa University Participates in the Fifth International Afro-Asian Researches Conference at Cyprus
Date 21-04-2019

 جامعة الزرقاء - جامعة الزرقاء تشارك بالمؤتمر الدولي للبحوث الأفرو آسيوية الخامس في قبرص

The events of the fifth International Afro-Asian Researches Conference was lunched yesterday at Cyprus, and this conference is specialized in social sciences and educational sciences, organized by( Bahcesehir Cyprus University),  with the participation of a delegation from Zarqa university, headed by Dr. Mohammad Al Mommani, the head of  Management Information System Department, the conference aims to get closer to academic circles in Afro-Asian countries to exchange academic work, results, new opinions about regional problems and affairs, and methods and curricula which may help in achieving resolutions for these cases.

Dr. Al Mommani participated in the conference with his research paper entitled “Evaluate the Characteristics of Government Sites in Developing Countries: Studying the Status of Electronic Government in Jordan” under the axis of administration and systems that aims to evaluate the electronic government in Jordan, and try to identify the points of weakness that could be improved to give the best performance, this especially come to provide the service for citizens, residents, tourist, and investors.

He pointed that the research concentrates on the role of the government in the developing countries, and then takes Jordanian electronic government as a virtual example on the attempt of developing countries to follow modern technology, when His Majesty King Abdullah II was the first to call for the need to activate electronic government.

The research reached that there is positive sides grounded on what the electronic government provides from electronic services and information, on the other side there were some negative technical programs sides also that do not include all services to the bodies and Ministries.

Over four days, the conference discussed the sustainable, balanced and comprehensive growth between Afro-Asian countries, social structure, internet usage and its social, political impacts at these countries, education, law, political sciences and international relationships, the interactions and relationships between African, European, and Asian Countries.

In the view of this, 40 fields were displayed to discuss many different subjects between administration economics sciences, areas of information systems, marketing and other fields of human, social, educational and economic sciences.