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Workshop on "Clinical Training" at Zarqa University
Date 11-10-2018

 جامعة الزرقاء - ورشة عمل حول" التدريب السريري" في جامعة الزرقاء

On Thursday, the Faculty of Nursing at Zarqa University held a training workshop on "Clinical Training".

The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University, Dr. Nidal Aisha, said that the workshop aims to raise the efficiency of the clinical training supervisors and improve the quality of training for the students of the Faculty in the laboratories of the faculty and hospitals and improve the clinical and professional performance of the training supervisors.

He pointed out that the workshop includes several axes, the most prominent of which are the objectives, vision and philosophy of Faculty, a description of the relationship between the student and the clinical training supervisor, which is based on respect and professionalism, and a description of advanced skills in saving the lives of patients.

The workshop also described the duties and responsibilities of the clinical training supervisor in various courses, as well as how to correct the papers.

Dr. Aisha stressed that the Faculty holds many training workshops that contribute to improving the performance of the teaching staff and enriching them with knowledge, improving the scientific level of the faculty and contributing to providing an environment conducive to the educational process that helps students reach the highest levels of performance and provide the best in the field of practical training.