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دورة تدريبية في جامعة الزرقاء حول أساسيات علم الفلك ومبادئ التصوير
عقدت كلية العلوم في جامعة الزرقاء، وبالتعاون مع عمادة شؤون الطلبة، دورة تدريبية بعنوان "أساسيات علم الفلك ومبادئ التصوير"، بحضور عميد كلية العلوم الدكتورة علياء برقان، وأعضاء الهيئة التدريسية في ... More
Date 2020.01.22

Signing Academic Memoranda of Understanding between Zarqa University and Assiut University
The Egyptian University of Assiut and Zarqa University signed a number of academic memoranda of understanding, with the aim of enhancing cooperation and mutual communication between the two ... More
Date 2020.01.21

Scholarships for Syrian Students at Zarqa University
Applications for scholarships within the project, EDU-Syria which is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund to respond to the Syrian crisis , the Madad Fund" , are now submitted to ... More
Date 2020.01.20

Egypt's Badr University President Honors Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zarqa Company for Edu
The President of the Badr University of Egypt , Prof. Mustafa Kamal, has honored the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zarqa Company for Education and Investment, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaera, at ... More
Date 2020.01.20

A Memorandum of Understanding between Zarqa University and Egypt's Badr University
Zarqa University and the Egyptian Badr University signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance joint cooperation in the academic fields by holding and hosting joint programs in postgraduate ... More
Date 2020.01.19

Zarqa University Students Win Hussein Cancer Foundation Awards
Three students from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communicationat Zarqa University won the Hussein Cancer Foundation Awards for media professionals aiming to raise awareness of ... More
Date 2020.01.16

The IT Graduation Projects Examined By Business Incubator Council
Members of the Business Incubator Council at Zarqa University reviewed a poster exhibition for graduation project students at the Faculty of Information Technology. The aim was selecting a number ... More
Date 2020.01.15

ZU Honours Top Students
ZU Acting President Prof. Dr.Nader Abu Sheikha patronized the honouring ceremony for ZU’s top86students attended by the deans of the faculties and the parents of the students. In his ... More
Date 2020.01.14

جامعة الزرقاء تشارك بدورة تدريبية عن طرق الأرشفة الإلكترونية
شاركت كلية العلوم التربوية بجامعة الزرقاء، ممثلة برئيس قسم علم المكتبات والمعلومات الدكتورة لمى فاخر وعضو هيئة التدريس في الكلية الدكتورة نور أبو تايه ومجموعة من الطلبة، بالدورة التدريبية بعنوان ... More
Date 2020.01.14

Zarqa University Holds Workshop on Audiology and Cochlear Implants
The Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences at Zarqa University, in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs, held a workshop entitled " Audiology and cochlear implantation" It was attended by ... More
Date 2020.01.09

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