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Educational Outputs in the Service Coordination Units are (Accounting statistics), accounting 2, business administration (1), marketing principles, as well as specialization materials, supporting materials and requirements of the university, as well as the principles of economics.

The department of the Service Coordination courses Unit ensures that the student obtains the following abilities after graduating:

  1. Theoretical and applied analysis of the authoritarian concepts in scientific disciplines.
  2. The use of quantitative concepts and methods in the diagnosis of economic phenomena and economic issues at the level of business and economic system level.
  3. The use of administrative methods in exploiting available economic resources and their uses.
  4. The use of marketing research to identify the size of the application and its components.
  5. The use of mathematical models to explain the relationship between economic variables.
  6. The use of statistical laws in the conduct of surveys, the choice of statistical sample and the explanation of economic and financial links.
  7. Reading economic variables in the economic sectors in order to identify economic imbalances.