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As a result of the market demand, the MIS academic track was established as part of the Business Administration department in the academic year 2000/2001. An independent MIS department was formed in the year 2005/2006.

MIS department achievements

The MIS department has many important scientific and practical achievements, some of these achievements are:
  • The MIS department feels proud of its graduates since the employment rate amongst them is high and the feedback from their employees show that they are able to deal with the work challenges and the environmental changes
  • The study plan for the department was updated in the year 2007/2008 to fulfill the job market needs
  • The faculty members of the MIS department published many journal and conference research papers, as well as printed books
  • The MIS department offers scholarships for obtaining the PhD degree.

Laboratories and equipments

The faculty staff members and the students can benefit from the computer labs available in the faculty of economics and administrative sciences. The computers have many software programs needed by the department as well as access to the Internet.


To graduate students in management information systems with the ability to fulfill the job market need, locally and internationally.


The department of MIS is looking forward to aligning itself with current educational programs in management information systems and keeping a high reputation for its graduates who can compete in the job market and able to stay with the state-of-the-art innovation in the MIS field. In addition, the department seeks to use the most recent methods in teaching and training. Finally, the department is looking forward to opening a masters degree program.

This mission can be achieved by graduating students who are equipped with following:
  • Most recent information in computer systems and management-software related programs.
  • The ability to manage people, software and activities in different organizations
  • The ability to collect data about different situations, analyze it and come up with conclusions.
  • The ability to solve different problem types and develop software programs that can help in solving these problems.
  • To be proactive in making decisions and solving problems
  • Ambition for scientific research and innovation.


The MIS department seeks to fulfill its mission and vision thru the following objectives:
  • Develop a study plan that can meet the expectations
  • Coordinate with the university library to purchase new books and subscribe to various journals and related databases
  • Help students to acquire the needed skills to develop management related software applications
  • Train students in the local organizations
  • Train students to do research and solve problems by scientific means
  • Organize visits to different private and government organizations
  • Build relations with local organizations to synchronize between theory and practice
  • Stay in touch with alumni and help them in finding jobs
  • Encourage outstanding students and help them in pursuing their graduate studies
  • Create a good environment for doing scientific research

Expected outcomes

The study plan and teaching methods were designed to help students acquire the following attitudes and skills:
  • The skill to gain knowledge and find its sources
  • The skills of sorting data and defining what part is required for solving a particular problem
  • The skills of dealing with individuals who are sources of data and information
  • The ability to use the collected information in solving a particular problem and/or decision making
  • The ability to store, update, recover and maintain information
  • The ability to develop software programs that can reduce effort, cost and paper work

Faculty staff members

The faculty staff members in The MIS department are highly qualified and of different academic ranks. The department seeks always to recruit members with outstanding academic profile.