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The Department of Economics is considered one of the core departments in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Zarka University. The importance of this section comes as a result of widening of economic problems in all aspects of life, both at the partial or total level. On the other hand, it can be said that the economic problem is the basis for the emergence of other political and social problems.
So, Zarka University initiated to open this section in 1999, in pursuit of the university to respond to the requirements of the labor market, and the provision of qualified scientific personnel, which can contribute to create solutions for economic problems, faced by the economic establishment, and improve their performance to ensure its continuation, growth, development and upgrading of efficiency.

Section’s Achievements:

Department of Economics has achieved a remarkable development since its commencement so far on the scientific and practical levels. Some of the most important accomplishments include:

  • Number of students in the section clearly and significantly increased with the exception of the years 2006/2007.
  • Sending still- lectured students to some institutions, production and service departments to carry out specific training period in order to obtain scientific expertise, with supervision by professors of the section, in order to get the most possible benefits.
  • Preparation of researches, writing books, and participating in internal and external seminars and conferences.

Laboratories and Equipment:

Section uses a number of laboratories in which the students are trained on the college level, especially in the areas of computer.

Areas of Work for Graduates:

There are wide and multiple domains where graduates of the Department of Economics can have a job in, given the multiplicity of economic activities, either in the areas of production, or investment, or in the areas of Banking and Finance Sciences, or evaluation of projects. Graduates can work in ministries and in all public and private governorates, given the multiplicity of courses studied by the graduate, which are not only confined to the field of his specialization, but also extends to sciences that are related to accounting, management, computer, financial and banking sciences. This can be easily known through accessing to courses’ plan in section, where the graduates can work efficiently in:

  • Planning and Statistics devices that are supposed to be found in private and public corporations and institutions.
  • Research and Studies centers since our graduate is characterized by with the extensive potential to analysis and conduct various studies.
  • Commercial Banks in all their areas.
  • Agricultural and Industrial Enterprises, due to receiving adequate information in the areas of agricultural and industrial economy.
  • Departments and Commercial Companies.

Sections’ Vision:

We are a leading department seeks to level of sophistication and highness for section members to raise their efficiency by using all available resources we have in a moral and creative environment.

Section’s Message:

Department of Economics is one of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Zarka University. The section works to contribute to prepare a graduate with the skills and experiences that qualify him to compete in the labor market.

Section’s Objectives:

  • Developing and advancing of economic curricula.
  • Using of modern methods of teaching that go beyond traditional methods to the maximum extent possible.
  • Making every possible effort to raise the level of educational attainment and skills acquired for students through the course.
  • Working to attract outstanding teaching staffers.
  • Conducting outstanding researches excellence in particular the ones that serve the fast-changing economic needs in the region, at various levels and all sectors. Also expanding the scientific achievements of faculty members and raising the scientific reputation of the department to the local and global levels.
  • Active Engaging to provide possible services to the community and identifying some of the economic principles and knowledge in order to enable him to identify the afflicting economic problems and how to address them.

Educational Outcomes for the Department of Economics

After graduating, students are expected to become able to:
  • To analyze theoretical and practical analysis of initial concepts for the economy.
  • The use of mathematical concepts and methods in economic analysis.
  • The application of economic theory to administrative problems.
  • Knowledge of assets and the general rules of public finance.
  • Analysis and study of the history of economy thought in different eras.
  • Making comparisons between different economic theories and analysis.
  • Knowledge of monetary policies in the economic life and stimulating economic growth.
  • The use of statistical standards and programs in modern scientific research.
  • Knowledge of in-depth and extended mathematical knowledge.
  • Get familiarity with the concept and nature of Islamic economics.