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Business Administration overview:

The Department of Business Administration (BA) is one of the first departments to be established in Zarqa University (ZU). It is located within the Faculty of Economic & Administrative Science at Al-Shahead Moaad Alksasbeh building. The department offers two programs; the undergraduate program granting B.s Business Administration morning and evening shifts, and a recently established Master's program granting (MBA).

Department Vision.

A Regional Arabic Jordanian Pioneering vision in the building of successful business organizations.

Department Mission.

Graduating excellent managers for developing distinct business organizations to fulfill the market needs.

Graduates work areas.

Graduates are qualified to work in different areas of administrative activity in both economic and service business organizations, such as banks, ministries, official and non-official governmental organizations, moreover; they can practice trade, establish and manage small and medium-sized private enterprises. Graduates can also practice teaching business administration in various schools and institutions for the non-specialized in this field.
Graduates can also continue their higher education if they wish.

Business Administration Department Aims. The department aims to:
  1. Provide (BA) students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to meet the various business organizations needs local and regional.
  2. Provide all faculty students with basic managerial skills to meet the market needs.
  3. Provide (BA) students with the basic knowledge to scientific research and post graduate studies.
  4. Provide (BA) students with needed skills to be able to work as individuals and as a team.
  5. Provide students with the needed skills of "self learning" to acquire future practical and scientific knowledge in Business Administration.
  6. Provide students with good ethics and strong commitment to serve accurately and honestly.
  7. Stimulate and support scientific research in various fields of business administration for academic staff and students, establishing and support participation in conferences, seminars International, Arabic, and local, cooperation with the business management departments in other universities.
  8. Build bridges and strengthen the relationship with employers in the Arabic, Jordanian markets, in order to explore their needs, and keep pace with change and development and respond to those changes and developments in the preparation of graduates.
  9. Contribute to the local community service in areas such as continuous education, scientific advice, and consultation.
  10. Developing capabilities and scientific possibilities of the department consistent with achieving the mission and objectives of the department and keep abreast of scientific developments in the field of specialization.
Learning Outcomes

Completion of the B.s degree requirements in BA grants skills for the graduates:

  1. Knowledge: Knowledge of concepts. Knowledge of theories and principles, Knowledge of procedures.
  2. Cognitive skills: Application of the principles. Intellectual critical analysis. Creativity and problem-solving.
  3. Interpersonal skills and holding responsibility: taking responsibility for learning, self and professional development. work effectively and exercise leadership. Acting responsibly in the personal and professional relationships. Commitment to high moral values on a personal and general level.
  4. Communication , information technology and numerical skills: Communicate effectively orally and writing. Using of communication & information technology. Using of statistical methods.
  5. Physical and psychological skills.