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Department of Banking and Finance overview:

It was developed since the founding of the University of the blue in 1994, in response to the requirements of the Jordanian labor market and the Arab world. It has been separated from the Department of Business Administration in 1999/2000. Its subject vocabulary section materials and plans follow developing operations to give skills up to labor market needs

Achievements Department

Department of Banking and Finance has made remarkable achievements until today. This comes by scientific and practical levels through:

  1. Mandatory training for students in public and private institutions
  2. Contribution of faculty members in the training of hundreds of workers in the Jordanian and Arab banks
  3. Active as well as faculty in the field of research and authoring members they have many books and published research
  4. In addition to the participation of members of the department effectively in the process organized by the Faculty of Economics and conferences
Laboratories and equipment

Section students benefit from computer labs available at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences building and through the use of a computer in the material presented in the study plans, except that students engage in more of the tasks that require the use of computers is one of the main orientations of the current section to guide students to take advantage of the Internet to conduct research and learn about the latest research and studies in their field. And it uses internal web section. It puts this service available to professors and department requested. It specialized courses adoption of the student's ability to further scientific analysis and theoretical basis, and the student qualifies for uses related to the financial and banking work.

Graduates areas of work

It can be said that all economic establishments whether industrial, service, commercial, governmental or private need to be specialists in the field of financial and banking, due to the problems faced by these companies in providing the necessary funding. The problem of age is difficulties concerning the provision of operations necessary for production and development financing. The risks to financial markets volatility in stock and bond prices, currency exchange rates, have created a special kind of difficulties. It became a hedge and the ability to deal with the financial markets is an urgent need to protect companies from the devastating risks. It can be allocated to Banking and Finance graduate specialists able to deal with investment and financing and to take financial decisions in the capital and money markets also in global capital markets issues.
As for the jobs that could be filled by a specialist in this area are:

  1. Credit analyst at a commercial bank understands the need for companies and finance.
  2. Counter employee understands the need for the bank's clients and deals with these needs.
  3. Financial manager in the industrial and commercial institutions.
  4. Researcher in the field of money and financial markets.
  5. Financial adviser in industrial or commercial companies.
  6. Adviser credits in the industrial and commercial companies Department.
  7. Broker dealers execute orders in the financial and monetary markets and provide technical advice.
The Department's vision

to knowing the future indicators of the development of financial and banking knowledge necessary to accommodate this and keep up with the science that is characterized by the rapid development of the concept of activities and how to be able to respond to technological development and social quotient in society.

The department's message

Enhance the quality of graduates' specialization to suit the requirements of the market.

The department's goals
  1. Provide students with financial knowledge so that it is able to deal with the financial and banking contemporary problems.
  2. Provide students with the knowledge and awareness needed to accommodate the financial and banking knowledge and keep pace with its development at the present time to produce a dedicated staff and aware of the financial and banking assets of modern science.
  3. Give the necessary knowledge to highlight the role of science Finance and Banking in contemporary societies and on economic, social, cultural and technological all levels.
  4. Serving the local community through the creation of specialized cadres.
Education outcomes

After the student for a bachelor's degree in Banking and Finance gets the following skills:

  1. Promote effective communication skills among graduates in Arabic and English.
  2. Definition graduate to the environment surrounding the administrative and financial actions such as: the ethical dimension, the analysis of this environment, and make appropriate recommendations to this environment.
  3. Rehabilitation of the graduate to prepare financial statements and for the companies and analyzed.
  4. Graduate qualification for the processing of a financial plan.
  5. enable the graduate guess from the financial and operational risks and deal with them.
  6. Strengthen the capacity of graduate study in the preparation of projects to provide financially.
  7. Enhance the graduate skill in dealing with financial claims.