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Department of Accounting Information Systems (AIS) emerged at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, since 2006, and is one of the departments most promising in college. The department offers a bachelors degree in AIS and going systematic study in the department during the period; and accepted in the section successful students in the high school, scientific branch, literary branch, and administrative informatics branch.

Also, accepted students who wish to supplement their studies who pass the comprehensive exam for graduates of community colleges in Jordan specialized in Accounting or AIS. The faculty members of the department are characterized by efficient and understanding the elite group of PhDs in AIS in several disciplines. The department seeks constantly to modernize the study plans; vocabulary materials and review, in line with constant development in the field of AIS to keep the materials correspond to the graduate students consistent with the market's needs in these areas from the side, and also taking into account the huge advances in communications and technology information from the other side.

Laboratories and Supplies

Section students and faculty members can take advantage of computer labs specified to college that will help them develop their skills; this includes the benefit of the internal network service at the university and Internet services, as well as accounting software pre-prepared.


  1. Rising the efficiency and effectiveness of the department to increase the educational achievement of the student to achieve the national goals by enhancing the philosophy of applied education; and raise awareness of accounting and scientific research.
  2. Addressing the gap between programming systems and rules and accounting principles generally accepted internationally, and provide high-quality competencies to achieve the best possible satisfaction of the public and private sectors.


The Department is efficient and effective capable of supplying the job market for graduates who are able to keep abreast of distinguished scientific and practical developments.


Summarized the objectives of the Department:
  1. Providing students with the knowledge and awareness needed to accommodate the science of AIS and keep up with its development at the present time to produce a dedicated staff and aware of the origins of science modern AIS.
  2. Serving the local community through the creation of specialized cadres in assets aware of the modern AIS.
  3. Providing the student with knowledge of accounting so that it is able to deal with contemporary accounting problems.
  4. Giving the necessary knowledge to highlight the role of science accounting information systems in contemporary societies and on economic, social, cultural and technological all levels.

Education Outcomes:

Completion of the B.s degree requirements in AIS grants skills for the graduates:
  1. Knowledge: Knowledge of concepts/ Knowledge of theories and principles/ Knowledge of procedures.
  2. Cognitive skills: Application of the principles/ Intellectual critical analysis/ Creativity and problem-solving.
  3. Interpersonal skills and holding responsibility: taking responsibility for learning, self and professional development/ Work effectively and exercise leadership/ Acting responsibly in the personal and professional relationships/ Commitment to high moral values on a personal and general level.
  4. Communication, information technology and numerical skills: Communicate effectively orally and writing/ Using of communication & information technology/ Using of statistical methods.
  5. Physical and psychological skills.