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Personal Information  
Name :Ahmad Mohammad Ibraheam Qazza
Academic Rank :Associate Professor
Office No :1539
Phone :
Department :Mathematics
Email :aqazza@zu.edu.jo

Bachelor : Date :
Master : Kazan Federal University (Kazan state university) Date :
Ph.D. : Kazan Federal University (Kazan state university) Date :
Research - Journals
Mohammad Al-hawari, Raed Hatamleh, Ahmad Qazza , Sharper Inequalities for Powers of the Numerical Radii of Hilbert Space Operators, International Mathematical Forum , 4/29/1413-1417
We give several sharp inequalities involving powers for the numerical radii of Hilbert space operators;which generalize earlier inequalities.

• Ahmad Qazza, Raed Hatamleh and Mohammad Al-hawari , Dirichlet Problem in the Simply Connected Domain, Bounded by Unicursal Curve, International Journal of Applied Mathematics , 22 (4)599-614
In this work Dirichlet problem (Problem D) is considered for regular solutions u (x, y) for elliptic differential equations of 2-nd order E (u) = 0 with analytic coefficients in a flat domain T, bounded by algebraic curve, by pass on the Riemann surface symmetry boundary ∂T.

Raed Hatamleh, Ahmad Qazza, Mohammad Al-hawari , An Inversion of Integral Operator by L. A. Sakhovich’s Operator Identity Method, Studia Universitatis Babeş-Bolyai Mathematica , Volume LV (2): 119-131
An inversion problem of integral operator in the form Sf =d^3/dx^3 Integral from 0 to w for S(x,t)f(t) dt under the condition that the kernel S(x, t) satisfies the equation (dx^3+dt^3)S(x, t) = 0 is investigated. It was proved that the operator A0S − SA*0 is finite if A0 = J3, where Jf = i integral from 0 to x for f(t) dx. Presentation for the inverse operatorT = S^−1 is obtained and it’s structure is studied.
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Read Hatamleh, Ahmad Qazza, Hatim Migdadi , Stationary connected curves in Hilbert spaces, Journal of Mathematics and Statistics , 10 (2): 262-266
In this article the structure of non-stationary curves which are stationary connected in Hilbert space is studied using triangular models of non-self-adjoint operator. The concept of evolutionary representability plays here an important role. It is proved that if one of two curves in Hilbert space is evolutionary representable and the curves are stationary connected, then another curve is evolutionary representable too. These curves are studied firstly. The structure of a cross-correlation func
Full Text Paper PDF

Ahmad Qazza and Raed Hatamleh , Dirichlet Problem in the simply connected domain, bounded by the nontrivial kind, Advances in Differential Equations and Control Pro , 17(3): 177-188
In this work, Dirichlet problem (Problem D) is considered for the regular solutions of the elliptic differential equation of the 2nd order with analytic coefficients in a flat domain T, bounded by an algebraic curve of genus p=0
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Ahmad Qazza, Raed Hatamleh and Naser Alodat , About the Solution Stability of Volttera Integral Equation with Random Kernel, Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences , 100 (5): 671-680
For integral equation in R^n with stochastic kernel of the special type, exact equations for first and second moments of the integral equation solution are derived. By means of these equations, the stability of the solution of the integral equation in mean and mean-square was analyzed. The analysis is based on reduction of integral equation to the equivalent differential equation with random coefficient, presenting two valued Markov process. An example is given.
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Naser Alodat, Raed Hatamleh and Ahmad Qazza , On the choice of strategy for modified Midzuno scheme, Far East Journal of Mathematical Sciences , 101 (7): 1481 – 1490
In this paper, a new modification sample scheme on Midzuno [6] sampling scheme is proposed. Such sample scheme is constructed by considering the transformation of auxiliary variable x to x'. Also the first and second inclusion probabilities are determined. Finally, the new scheme is compared with Chaudhry [4] sampling scheme via the expected variances of their estimators.
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